Jill Wigmore-Welsh

Jill Wigmore-Welsh MSc BSc FRSPH

Case Manager:  Coach,  Health Educator and  Personal Development Trainer


  • Master of Science in Health Promotion Alumni Brunel University 1998-2001 : Fellow  Royal Society Public Health. M Level trained: Psychology of behaviour change, health intervention mapping, design and creation, health project planning and delivery, health education  strategic management of health condition recovery.  Research interest: Individual’s reports of perceived self-change after training.
  • 45 years experience Consultant Physiotherapist: Advanced practice rehabilitation and pain management: accepted onto the register Chartered Society Physiotherapy in 1977 Alumni UEL: The Royal London Hospital HCPC
  • 17 years  experience Senior Psychotherapist & Cognitive Hypnotherapist PGDipPsyHyp 2006: Certified in BA, CBT-I   MI,  MBSR, COM-B
  • 20 years experience Accredited & Certified Coach PGDip Level 5 Achievement Specialists 2006: Certified  NLP Life Coach AMH Ltd 2003
  • 24 years experience Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Coaching:  Master Trainer 2008 Master Practitioner 2005 Master Practitioner 2003 Practitioner NLP 2002 Introduction NLP 1999
  • 30 years experience Feldenkrais Method & Bones for Life Teacher/Trainer Bones for Life  Teacher trained 2001 -2002  The Trilogy Functional Applied Feldenkrais 1999-2000 Feldenkrais Method Teacher  trained 1994-1999
  • 13 years experience Laughter Yoga Leader trained 2011
  • 23 years experience Stress Management Trainer trained 2000

Brief career history

Alumni  UEL: The Royal London Hospital  Her career took her around the world for nearly two decades in Team GB Medical with three different sports. Judo, Rowing & Diving providing health education and tailored rehabilitation project management. 

She’s worked with tens of thousands of people, providing personalised project work and health recovery programs in some of the top UK hospitals companies, clinics  and the corporate sector.

Her business, won contracts and she employed a team of employees  to provide staff health and wellbeing education, and clinical services to corporate health, sports teams, and the NHS. She was engaged by the NHS PCT  and provided contracted services to the NHS until 2010 

She has presented on health and wellness topics at conferences, universities, and events , has appeared on TV & is heard on radio, when she talks about the benefits of laughter & sleep. 

Case Manager

Providing legal services since 2004  and Case Manager  services since 2011.  Established London Case Manager, in 2023, a specialist provider mainly, but not exclusively, for people living within the greater London region

Case managers assess a seriously injured person’s rehabilitation needs and address what is needed to rehabilitate so they make as good a recovery as possible. This includes every aspect of the person’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional wellbeing, making recommendations for rehabilitation and facilitating provision of services to achieve the client’s recovery. At start of a working with a new injured client an immediate needs assessment is created as a stand alone piece of work. If funding is authorised for recommendations then the case manager facilitates the process of services delivery. Throughout the lifetime of the case the case manager continually reassesses, measures for changes and makes necessary changes to plans to achieve a client centered outcome. 

Case management is an essential service after serious personal injury, especially where the client needs a wide variety of rehabilitation and recovery services to achieve a good outcome.

Personal Performance Coach

Practicing as a professional coach with people who know they want proactive robustly positive support to reach their full potential in their health, professional career and relationships. If you’re an ambitious person who aims high in all areas of your life, then I could be the coach for you  When we work together we contract that you will do the work required to get the outcomes you want. From the minute we start working together, we clarify the outcome you want, ensure it’s ecologically sound,  create a plan and start to take action straight away, so that your life, career and businesses change will be positive and swift.  Due to my training and experience, the toolbox of physical, psychological and behaviour change techniques and processes at our disposal is extensive. Coaching is not the same as  mentoring, education or therapy. 

Health Educator

Providing adult health and wellness education courses to self motivated learners , who are able and willing to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and learning. When students take a course they have a learning contract, each course involves self directed daily “homework” practice, when students sign up for a course they  are required to commit to completing activities and practices.    

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. Faster-Sleep- The Insomnia Solution 
  2. Modern Pain Resolution
  3. IBS/IBD Tummy Course

Personal Development

The Whole Wellness Institute provides personal development education and mentoring.

Personal development is a conscious process of looking inward, becoming more aware, and focusing on ways to grow yourself. Through becoming more self-aware we can clarify our values, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, strengths, and weaknesses. Key areas for self awareness include our personality traits, values, habits, emotions and the psychological needs that motivate our behaviour. 

One pillar of  Jill’s teaching self awareness is the somatic work of Feldenkrais Method structured around knowing what you doing, so you can do what you want. The Feldenkrais Method can best be described as an intelligently structured “learning-to-learn” approach. Its characteristic playfulness is modelled on natural learning-processes as found in childhood. ‘Making mistakes’ is encouraged since they may lead to unexpected discoveries and surprising results.

Another pillar  is building deeper self responsibility and emotional intelligence though learning NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological method that focuses on how individuals organize their feelings, thinking, and language. NLP is used as an approach to communication and self-development. It can be used to achieve desired goals, break negative thinking, discover your true beliefs and values and support a more “living in the present moment” life and seeing the world as it actually is. Enquire about personal development courses via the enquiry form.  

Jill has a  publishing company  of  15 books  and numerous free resources, lessons for people interested in personal development,  improving their whole life, and living well for longer. Her podcast Legacy Life is a mix of Feldenkrais lessons and hypnosis recordings and information, has recently gone past 113K downloads.

She also has a youtube channel she adds to occasionally.

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    FUN & play

    An INTJ, (confident introvert) appropriately described as ‘the architect’, one who enjoys creating novel solutions, researching learning & sharing.

    You’ll find Jill being active, either outside walking her dogs or doing sport or in the studio creating with mixed media, or writing and recording publications.

    Let's get you living well
    aligned with your

    Typically Jill’s one to one clients are professional business owners who want to live a long well life. They have problems in their health, business  or relationships and have a more than average interest in personal development. They want to learn practical skills and techniques to help them live and age well and stay well for longer.

    The skills and techniques Jill teaches are evidence supported. People use the techniques to shape their future and create the success they want by facilitating change at unconscious level. They can use some techniques to help release negative experiences, and limiting beliefs from their past and change negative programming.

    How do I know if this is right for me?

    Before you choose to go ahead with a session, you have the offer of a no-obligation, free phone chat. This enables Jill to understand your issues and aims, as well as giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have.  During the call, you will be asked several questions, posed in such a way that you’ll start to chip away at your problem, breaking it down, re-assessing what you want

    Movement without Fear

    Learn how to have self-responsibility

    to clear your fears, 

    get a good nights sleep,

    to move better, laugh more

    and love yourself 

    Scientist & artist

    About Jill’s Art:
    J studied an art degree and works using mixed media painting and weaving creative forms that integrate reeds, hedgerow plants, reclaimed objects and natural materials.