Have you fallen out of love with your body? 

Would you like to rekindle that relationship, learn to move in harmony with nature, with ageless agility & grace?

– Jill Wigmore-Welsh

How to use this recording

👇Read this👇

  1. This is a studio mastered structured lesson
  2. One of the studio mastered & published lessons from my Body Sensing and Movement Awareness Series 
  4. This lesson is a classic foundation and can lead in multiple directions and split into multiple micro segments.
  5. If you are new to my work there are several ways to approach the lesson.
  • Come with an open heart & mind.
  • 1. Listen once, leave it running in the background as you do another task.
  • 2. Then make a space, ensure you wont be disturbed and sit or lie & do the work in your imagination. 
  • 3. Then you can trial completing the processes as physical movement.
  • 4. Go slow, very very slow, move even smaller & feel, really feel
  • 5. It’s structured to support your growth, self exploration, learning &  discovery


When I work with you 121 there are highlights that will address what you specifically want to learn.

This single lesson (like any lesson in life) can be repeated infinitely and your learning will expand each time.

Its not a case of doing a lesson once and then seeking out another in a series. 

There is a quality in the depth of learning you get from repeating one lesson over and over and over.

If after exploring this, you want to know more, then a progression is to book a half hour free 30 minute conversation with me

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The Lesson 👇

Read what is written above before doing the lesson

I’ve trained my work to groups from 2 to 500, in private lessons, at conferences & workshops. To health care professionals, members of the public, healing arts practitioners, NLP trainers, coaches, business owners, lecturers, elite athletes & performers and all since 1994

The bigger body of work

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