K is a high achiever with an MA from Cambridge.

She thought she would never ride her horse again or walk for miles in the quiet woods. She was desperate. Family suggested she sell her mare. She was facing a bleak future life and was emotionally shattered 

She ruptured her tendon schooling her horse her Orthopaedic specialist decided to manage her injury conservatively in an Aircast splint.

She thought that within a few months she would be recovered, but that didn’t happen.

Instead she developed full blown CRPS. 

The treatment at the private hospital only made her pain and condition worse. 

Fortunately she reached out for my specialist service.

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 

A rare condition, but one that can be successfully rehabilitated with the right management 

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Specialist Treatment
Full Blown CRPS All Signs & Symptoms


There are a wide variety of effective treatments for CRPS.

The sooner treatment starts the better.

Treatment should start as soon as any warning signs & symptoms are spotted

The core treatment protocol integrates Stanton-Hicks.



CRPS Full Budapest Criteria

In the past 40 years I’ve helped hundreds of people, including children, with early warning signs of CRPS, early CRPS, late established Type 1 & Type 2 CRPS & chronic pain problems. This testimonial is just a sample, there are more on my testimonials page. Due to the confidentiality of my work and to preserve privacy, initials are used. There are no links to individual’s facebook profiles, web links, photos.  Jill WW


“My name is K.  I started to see Jill towards the end of October 2017.

After rupturing my Achilles’ tendon in August 2017 I developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my left lower leg and foot. The CRPS made it too painful for me to complete the rehabilitation exercises I had been given at the local private hospital.

I was in a state of shock at the diagnosis and in great need of support, I thought I might have to sell my horse.

Jill picked up the pieces.  She put together a highly tailored, intensive program of rehabilitation for me. 

It included targeted physical movements which helped me regain the use of my foot and leg without causing any pain, and then started building up the strength in my calf. 

Jill understood what was important to me, that I needed to be able to ride my horse for my mental as well as physical well being, and she tailored everything to help me achieve my goal. 

She had me back sat in the saddle after three sessions, and used my horse as part of the rehabilitation process.

The program also included relaxation techniques, coping strategies for pain, and brain and movement reprogramming, including mirror box and electrolysis to improve the circulation.

Jill’s approach was about me as a whole person, not just my leg. Just as importantly, my physical rehabilitation was all underpinned by constant mental support, attention to my anxiety and robust positivity.

Since attending, I have made great strides. 

I dread to think where I would be now without Jill’s help. 

After just two months, I am back on my horse and can walk three miles with Nordic poles, things I thought I might never be able to do again. Most important to me is that my beloved horse doesn’t have to be sold.

From having all the Budapest symptoms, my CRPS is now under control and I feel that I have the tools to keep going and I know who to turn to if I ever need help which is a big emotional support.

I would recommend Jill.  If you want to come back fighting from the most serious of situations, then you couldn’t have a better person leading the charge. 

Thank you Jill for all your time, commitment and support.

Once again, thank you so so much! “

CRPS Horse Riding