Welcome to NLP Plus for Coaches 

Coaching and NLP Plus are perfect partners.
Coaching assists clients to take action towards their goals and to develop their potential. 

NLP Plus gives depth to coaching through providing tools and strategies 


that enable clients to:

step aside from the patterns that have kept them struggling 

to realise their goals effectively. 

It can then help them to choose and
to develop new patterns and strategies that are right and beneficial for them and which enable
them to be more effective.
Even the most goal-orientated individuals can
find themselves struggling at times. Coaching
gives them the space, time and support when
they find themselves trapped and assists them
to re-engage, re-adjust and to move onwards
towards their goals. NLP offers a huge range of
‘tools’ to enable clients to become aware of the
patterns that have trapped and limited them
and to then develop new strategies. NLP is an
essential component for effective coaching. Its
focus is not so much on the ‘why’ but the ‘how’
we do what we do