Personal Development

The Whole Wellness Institute provides personal development education and mentoring.

Personal development is a conscious process of looking inward, becoming more aware, and focusing on ways to grow yourself. Through becoming more self-aware we can clarify our values, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, strengths, and weaknesses. Key areas for self awareness include our personality traits, values, habits, emotions and the psychological needs that motivate our behaviour. 

One pillar of  Jill’s teaching self awareness is the somatic work of Feldenkrais Method structured around knowing what you doing, so you can do what you want. The Feldenkrais Method can best be described as an intelligently structured “learning-to-learn” approach. Its characteristic playfulness is modelled on natural learning-processes as found in childhood. ‘Making mistakes’ is encouraged since they may lead to unexpected discoveries and surprising results.

Another pillar  is building deeper self responsibility and emotional intelligence though learning NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological method that focuses on how individuals organize their feelings, thinking, and language. NLP is used as an approach to communication and self-development. It can be used to achieve desired goals, break negative thinking, discover your true beliefs and values and support a more “living in the present moment” life and seeing the world as it actually is. Enquire about personal development courses via the enquiry form.  

Jill has a  publishing company  of  15 books  and numerous free resources, lessons for people interested in personal development,  improving their whole life, and living well for longer. Her podcast Legacy Life is a mix of Feldenkrais lessons and hypnosis recordings and information, has recently gone past 112K downloads.

She also has a youtube channel she adds to occasionally.