Jill Wigmore-Welsh


Consultant Physiotherapist, advanced practice neurological & MSK rehabilitation, pain management & recovery. 

Trauma informed registered senior Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist certified in CBT-I,   CBT-P & Mindfulness.

Certified Business Coach & Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming

Teacher Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method

Masters in Public Health from Brunel University.

Professional Career (abridged)

 Her career started in the 1980’s, and took her around the world for nearly two decades in Team GB Medical with three different sports. Judo, Rowing & Diving.  She’s helped tens of thousands of people, while working in some of the top UK hospitals and clinics. Through her business,  she and her team of staff provided contracted services to corporate occupational health, sports teams, and the NHS. She’s presented on wellness topics at numerous conferences, universities, and events , appeared on TV & is heard on radio, when she is often called upon to talk about the benefits of laughter & sleep on mental health.

She has published 13 books and created numerous audio lessons for self learning & healing. Her podcast Legacy Life has recently gone past 108K downloads. Alongside a clinic, she runs a training company  for healthcare & business professionals.

Personal History (abridged)

This is a journey of a positive proactive quest. An intuitive journey of seeking solutions self-learning and discovery.  A competing gymnast & equestrian, in her teens, Jill developed a chronically painful scoliosis & kyphosis, was diagnosed with osteochondritis and told her spine would always be stiff and painful.  In her twenties she contracted a rare virus and developed debilitating ME/CFS.  Despite her constraints she took up downhill skiing, and repeatedly rehabilitated and recovered after experiencing injuries. These included, repeated bilateral shoulder joint dislocation, ACL rupture, lumbar disc and nerve damage and five fractures of major bones.   To learn she studied the deep inner work of mindful meditation, Feldenkrais movement, psychology ,neuroscience and applied this to herself with the outcome that her chronic pain resolved, she  developed more flexibility in her spine,  and her chronic fatigue became  manageable.

She has taken what she learned and created three bodies of work to help others:

Clinical Feldenkrais, Faster-Sleep, Mindful-Laughter,  

FUN & play

An INTJ, (confident introvert) ‘The Architect’, one who enjoys creating novel solutions, researching learning & sharing.

You’ll find Jill in the countryside, walking by the river, with her dogs or cloud watching.             Creating using mixed media, or talking through politics & putting the world to rights.          Tapping on the computer, creating and writing courses, articles and books

Or cooking from scratch, she eats healthy, 98 % vegan. 

Lets get you well
aligned with your
soul purpose

 Typically Jill’s clients are professionals or business owners who are seeking more success in their health, business and relationships.

The techniques used enable clients to shape their future to have the success they want, by effectively facilitating change at unconscious level, helping release negative experiences and limiting decisions from the past and changing negative programming.

Sessions often combine the techniques of Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness, Feldenkrais and Bodywork

How do I know if this is right for me?

Before you choose to go ahead with a session, you have the offer of a no-obligation, free phone chat. This enables Jill to understand your issues and aims, as well as giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have.  During the call, you will be asked several questions, posed in such a way that you’ll start to chip away at your problem, breaking it down, re-assessing what you want

Movement without Fear


Exceptionally Qualified

More about Jill’s Art:
Along the way J achieved an Art Degree. She loves to paint and weave with reeds, hedgerow plants, wool, and beads. 
She has four dogs, love nature, her wildlife garden, local community, and theatre,