J Wigmore-Welsh – The Medical Alchemist                             Health Architect 

JILL WIGMORE-WELSH Creator of 7DS Coaching,  Faster Sleep Technique, Mindful Laughter Therapy and 4G Feldenkrais

FUN & play

An INTJ, (confident introvert) ‘The Architect’, one who enjoys creating novel solutions, researching learning & sharing.

You’ll find me in the countryside, walking by the river, or cloud watching, creating in mixed media, or talking through politics & putting the world to right.

I eat healthy, 99.9 % vegetarian, love to cook & blend tastes & scents

clear your fears get a calm mind & great nights sleep

Well Aligned with your deep desires & Happy

7DS Coaching

There are 7 Dimensions to Wellbeing: Environment, Physicality, Occupation, Intellect, Spirituality, Emotional, Social. 

 There are 7 Senses: Hearing, Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell, Sixth Sense, & Internal Awareness.


7DS Integrative blends, the Physical, Psychological, Relational, Thoughts, Words, Feelings, Senses, Movement and Voice. 


Through the work you create an ability to consciously know yourself  and your actions, fully and deeply this manifests as the ability to behave in an adaptable and self nurturing manner in each health dimension. 


Imbalances manifest as stress, pain, chronic health breakdown, disconnect, and feelings of being torn in many directions. 

This causes repeated attraction to trauma, lack of joy, failure and negatively impacts physical & emotional health at cell level

Movement without Fear

Exceptionally Qualified

I love to learn & explore in new ways, I’m a consultant Physiotherapist,  a senior Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist a Business Coach, Master Trainer in NL-Psychology & Master Trainer in 4G Feldenkrais & a Reiki Master.
I’ve created Mindful Laughter Therapy, the 7DS Whole-Wellness, the Faster Sleep Technique & the 15 Day Rejuvenation Program. A few years back I got my masters in public health and right now I’m working on turning that into my PHD. Along my path I also got an Art Degree and love to paint using mixed media, and weaving with reeds, hedgerow plants, wool, beads & making stained glass. I have four dogs, love nature, my wildlife garden, any form of theatre, rock & opera, 
In addition I’ve authored six books