Are you seeking to improve your mental health, or overcome social or emotional challenges.

Do you feel unfulfilled and want to shape your future to be the success you want.

Then, maybe I can help

Im a registered psychotherapist

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Do you yearn to move better and achieve high level recovery after injury, illness or with disability.

Are you searching for a holistic approach, personalized care, high quality rehabilitation.

Then maybe I can help

Im a registered physiotherapist

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As a registered Psychotherapist I’ll work with you to release you from unsatisfying or unpleasant circumstances by opening up choices, and possibilities.

People ask for help for many different reasons, but mainly to explore their concerns, thoughts feelings and improve their mental health.

Sometimes the concern you bring is slight, and a course of support can be completed in three or four sessions other problems are more complex, perhaps with deeper roots and those may take a longer course of sessions to resolve.

I’ll listen to your story, and provide you with tools to change and support you to achieve the change you want.

In psychotherapy we work in partnership to achieve your personal best, getting you the results you want in your personal and professional life.

NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Behavioural Activation, MI, Clean Language  are the brain based technologies that underpin my successful psychotherapy practice.  They are all evidence supported tools that will help you change your mind,  and move towards a compelling goal.

When the latest research in neuroscience is integrated with psychotherapy it supports you to stop thoughts and behaviors you no longer want or need so you behave differently.

As a Psychotherapist, Physiotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach, I will enable you to create new skills, and develop confidence and emotional balance in your business, health and relationships. 


As a registered Physiotherapist I’ll work with you to resolve your unpleasant physical symptoms and provide the tools for you to improve your mobility while helping you prevent further injuries and relapses.

Physiotherapy can involve several different treatment and preventative approaches, depending on the specific problems you’re experiencing

Sometimes the problem is clear, and physiotherapy may be completed in one or two sessions other problems are more complicated and take a course of sessions to resolve

Your knowledge shapes your behaviour, and your behaviour shapes your recovery, as a Physiotherapist I’ll help you fully recover, explain the route you’re on, advise how you can change and support the change.

In physiotherapy we work in partnership to achieve your personal best and produce the results you want in your whole life.

 The techniques that underpin my successful physiotherapy that will actually help you fully recover and prevent further injuries, symptom recurrence and relapse are neuroscience supported.

When we integrate the new science of brain plasticity  within physiotherapy you can feel confident in the process, and have skills to practice on your own, so you behave differently for good.

As a Physiotherapist, Psychotherapist Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach,  I will guide you to develop new skills that help you have an optimal recovery in all areas of your life. 

Movement without Fear

perform better

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if Psychotherapy or Physiotherapy is right for me?

Before you choose to go ahead with a session, I offer a no-obligation, free phone chat. This enables me to understand your issues and aims, as well as giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have.  During the call, I will ask you several questions, posed in such a way that you’ll start to chip away at your problem, breaking it down, re-assessing what you want

 Typically my clients are professionals or business owners

I specialize in helping them to be more successful in their health, business and relationships.

The techniques I use enable my clients to shape their future to have the success they want, by effectively facilitating change at unconscious level, helping release negative experiences and limiting decisions from the past and changing negative programming.

I often combine the techniques of Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness, Feldenkrais and Bodywork