Have you ever wondered whether your day to day stress is affecting your health? Well, you’re not alone, because more and more people are thinking along the same lines.

I’m Jill Wigmore-Welsh, a healthcare professional, and I’ve devised this wellness test to provide an answer to your question.

As soon as you complete the free questionnaire and submit your answers, your results score out of 140 will be emailed to you. It will include details on which questions you scored high & which ones you scored low.


You will be directed to a page which explains your results in detail and indicates what the scores mean.

You will discover where you are in relation to burn out, what positive resources you have and your place on the low to high wellness spiral.

PLUS you’ll get an invite to join my supportive community for women in business. It’s a really lovely kind friendly place where I provide a weekly free Bomi Yoga lesson, have in speakers, provide self help health hacks and more. 

As a gift, after you complete the questionnaire you will receive access to two of my mindfulness recordings. You can listen online and feel calm. 

If you want to discuss your results with me, you can book an appointment & we can go through your scores.

Jill Wigmore-Welsh BSc MPH HCPC



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