• Do you get emotional, short tempered?
  • Do you have pain and weight gain?
  • Do you lie awake overthinking?
  • Do you feel time pressured?
  • Do you want a better life ?


Most of us want good health, to live happier, and really well, for as long as possible.

There are ways you can help yourself do that. Your first step in taking the test will help you know if your heading for a health breakdown. Take the quiz and measure your lifestyle factors and stress.

It’s easily done, simply complete the 5 Minute Wellness Quiz 

After you submit your answers, your test score between 0 and 140 is emailed. The closer your score is to 30 and under, the more you are living well. Any score over 70 means you have areas in your life  where you need to make changes. 


Xxx Jill Wigmore-Welsh

Note: Right now, to prevent spamming, our system is set up so that once you take the quiz you can only take it again if you email me & request.

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