Est. 1984

218 Tilehurst Road, Reading RG30 2NE
(Opposite Prospect Park)

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Jill Wigmore-Welsh

Consultant Physiotherapist, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist

In this 14 minute podcast Jill Wigmore-Welsh talks about the kind of problems people bring to TPP

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if physiotherapy or psychotherapy is right for me?

Before you choose to go ahead with a session, I offer a no-obligation, free phone chat. This enables me to understand your issues and aims, as well as giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have.  During the call, I will ask you several questions, posed in such a way that you’ll start to dig away at the problem, breaking it down, re-assessing what you want. 

In this 17 minute audio Jill Wigmore-Welsh talks about the history of TPP and how you can get help for your health problem


History of the Tilehurst Practice

How TPS Began

Tilehurst Physiotherapy Services (TPS) was established in Reading in 1984, by Jill Wigmore-Welsh, who dreamed of providing high quality therapy services for the local community. 

In 1987, the practice principle moved the business into its current location on the Tilehurst Road in Reading: the original black and white oval plaque is still on the front of the property

Business Growth

Between 1987 and 2003 TPS grew until the business was running clinics at sports venues, dance academies, high street locations, within corporate settings as well as having the clinic rooms and an office at Tilehurst Road. 

The business employed professional clinical staff and provided services in London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.


Between 2003 and 2013, the business changed, and several clinics were closed when the practice principle qualified as a psychotherapist clinical hypnotherapist, and wellness coach in addition to being an HCPC  physiotherapist. The business changed it’s focus and began providing high quality compassionate wrap-around whole person, rehabilitation and recovery care. 

In 2006 Jill founded a training academy, for undergraduate and recent graduate healthcare professionals, and began to provide presentations at conferences

In 2008 the Legacy Life Podcast  was launched

1984 till Now

Tilehurst Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy (TPP) 

provides boutique style services at the Reading location for the over 50’s, 60’s and 70 plus with: 



Book a Consultation

If you or someone you know over 50 needs help then book a free initial conversation with the practice principle. 

During the conversation you’ll have time to explain your problem and get a management plan

Who do we help?

TPP specializes mainly, but not exclusively in helping over 50’s with more unusual intractable, and complicated problems, requiring a more experienced practitioner. 

TPP clients are deeply interested in self-learning and want to achieve enhanced performance in their professional and personal life, enabling them  live a high quality life.


The practice provides services on a self-pay basis


What kinds of consultations?

TPP provides high quality confidential consultations to clients all over the world, via telephone, webcam and home visits. The rooms practice enables people local to Reading to attend for a private consultation.

The consultation rooms are part of the principle’s residence, the atmosphere is relaxed, calm, quiet, and informal, a very different environment from a traditional UK hospital clinic.

Book an initial conversation 

  • TPP practice works mainly, but not exclusively with over 50’s wanting enhanced performance in their personal & professional life.
  • We help people wanting to manage and recover from: 
  • Insomnia and sleep problems, acute & chronic pain, bone & muscle damage, stress & anxiety, impaired mobility.
We create programs that meet your needs and start from a single deep dive 90 minute session to lifetime support 

  • Insomnia and sleep problems 
  • We run a specific program to  help you improve your sleep. The 9 week Faster-Sleep The Insomnia Solution program trains you to change your habits for good. 
  • The program include: CBT-i, clinical hypnotherapy, somnimoves and journaling: it’s a personalized combination of clinical training and wellness coaching. 
  • We charge a fixed price for the nine week program, which includes up to the equivalent of over 17 hours of clinician input. Your program will be a mix of personalized wellness training, sleep education, the 5 cbt-i processes, coaching support, email support, reminders sent after each appointment, regular reviews of your somnilog, plus personalised recordings, relaxation scripts, and a printed 9 week diary journal. Booking the nine week program as a package is less than half the cost of paying for each part separately at clinician time hourly rate 
  • Contact us for more information
  • (100% of our sleep program can be provided exclusively in the comfort of your home via webcam)
  • Chronic Pain (and CRPS) Program
  • We run a 9 week program which is all about helping you self manage your chronic pain and feel less anxious about doing the wrong thing, moving badly and triggering pain. 
  • The program, is personalized and depending on your needs may includes pain education, clinical training, body sensing and movement awareness lessons, cognitive hypnotherapy, a printed 9 health recovery  journal, scripts, recording and wellness coaching. If appropriate, we may use the time for a full graded motor imagery, laterality, body image and desensitization program. The fee is a fixed price for 9 weeks support is the equivalent of over 17 hours of clinician support paid at an hourly rate. A substantial over 50% discount from paying for each session at an hourly clinician rate. Call to discuss
  • (Some our pain recovery programs can be provided exclusively in the comfort of your home via webcam)
  • Whole-Wellness Lifestyle Program
  • Living a balanced life isn’t easy in the environment and pressures of the 2020’s. Health problems arise, so everyone needs to review, to get back in good balance, to live long and healthy. So whether you recently had a shock health diagnosis or you went through a toxic relationship breakdown, burned out at work and need a big review, change and need a reset, this is the program for you. It starts with a really deep dive questionnaire, so we discover how you score in 18 areas of your life. Then over 9 weeks we boost your energy and slay your energy vampires in the areas that will work best for you. The aim, you finish energised with a wellness plan and practices that will help you stay on the road to wellbeing. 
  • This is a package price for 9 weeks and is a substantial discount from paying for each part at a clinician hourly rate. It includes at least 17 hours wellness training and coaching, recordings, scripts, personalised wellness teaching, equipment recommendations, and review questionnaire testing
  • (This can be provided online)  

  • CBT-I is a specific psychological intervention for insomnia and NICE recommended, because of it’s effectiveness.
  • Cognitive hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help with many problems.
  • NLP – Offers a huge toolkit of techniques, including Time Line which works on the principle of a Gestalt 
  • Mindfulness meditation helps you control and manage your racing mind and direct attention where you want 
  • Clinical Feldenkrais and the Feldenkrais Method are mindful movement processes for improving impaired mobility, Somnimoves are lessons specific to sleep.



In this 20 minute podcast Jill explains the Faster-Sleep technique a  first line evidence supported program helping you have better Sleep.  


In this 15 minute podcast Jill explains the difference between acute and chronic pain, and how you can be helped using evidence supported techniques


In this 17 minute podcast Jill explains how TPP helps people with bone and muscle problems, fractures, joint replacement surgery. 


In the 15 minute podcast Jill shares some of her experience of recovery from chronic fatigue and work helping people with ME/CFS, comprehension and memory problems


In this 12 minute podcast Jill shares some similarities and differences between stress and anxiety. How TPP can help with your persistent worries, and stress related problems. 


In this 15 minute podcast Jill explains movement impairment, how it can effect your life. TPP are experts in Clinical Feldenkrais and can train you to move with better balance, agility, ease and dexterity